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Monday, November 5, 2012

do you remember this


little boy was sick home all day
so i visited with lots of his favorites
his favorite udon noodle, p chips, apple juice,
little doughnuts, ice cream...
anything possibly i could think of he might be able to eat
he was enjoying watchin tv when i visited
but too busy to even say hello to me
asked him,"let me see your smily face"
then he turnd around and
saw big giant smile
happy happy cheek on him
i remember the day i stayed home sick and
being spoiled from everybody all day long
when i was little like him


  1. how wonderful it is to have someone fuss over us
    when we are not feeling well
    you did your job admirably, i'm sure he'll remember it well
    great hat!
    xo, j

  2. hope your little one is feeling better already!
    yes it was so nice staying at home & get all this extra care :)
    but it is also very nice taking care of someone :)