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Sunday, November 4, 2012

keep on knitting

bought more yarns the other day
keep asking myself how many more is enough ...
so many yarns piled up to be used
i could probably built a yarn storage house ⌂

 knitting non stop these days
new journey for making 
thick stripe tote has began


  1. That sounds familiar! I've got a lot of yarn too, wondering what i'll make with all of them! But they are so pretty to look at too ;-)

    1. ☺ indeed, having all the pretty color
      in the house even makes me feel warm and happy.

  2. as the days get cooler the desire to have more yarn grows
    love that deep mossy green color
    never enough yarn!
    happy knitting
    xo, j

  3. nice yarn colors!
    i don't know how to knitt
    but i admire people who do!
    pretty legwarmers you made!

  4. i think it is NEVER possible
    to get enough yarn...ha-ha...
    lots of pretty yarn in that basket of yours : )

    yarn makes me SO happy!