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Thursday, November 29, 2012

my place today

not sure why.  but feel rushed.
keep reminding myself, there is still a month left.
one more month.  no reason to be rushed.  but i do
lately.  so, i started making
must to do list
want to do list
things to buy list
place to clean list
today, cleaned the house
finished one project
finished one "want to do thing"
all these are crossed out on my list
feel accomplished many things ☺
do you do a list?

warm orange color of juneberry leaves

mustard green

tulip bulbs planted in pots finally
they were longing for warm soil blanket


  1. i feel the same way!
    too much to do, too little time
    yesterday was the full moon and it had me pacing...
    i adore the needlework you've been doing.
    sorry i haven't been around much but you are ALWAYS in my thoughts
    xo, j

  2. i used to laugh at my late father
    for making lists
    now i can't live without one,
    i feel things turn round and round in my head and multiply
    unless i write them down and tame them


  3. i am usually making lists in my head,
    it's also a good memory excercise ;)
    but i think it's better to write things to do on a paper.
    it's more sure you will remember what you have to do :)