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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

neighborhood walk and my camera

went for a walk with my little camera the other day.  after this
last photo, i dropped it on the sad it is broken now.
it worked almost ten years with me and for me.  went many
places with me in my bag... taking photo is my joy in life.
i have to get new i can't live without it. 
thank you my little casio!
will be back in this space when i get a new one.
have sweet november days to all. 


  1. oh no!
    i'm so sorry to hear about your little camera!
    i dropped mine recently and cracked the glass on the screen but thankfully it's still plugging along.
    please don't be gone too long...perhaps you have some old photos archived that you can post...we'd miss you so much.
    xo, j

  2. oh, this is sad to hear.
    but i must say little casio took some very
    nice last fotos :)
    wish you will soon find a good new replacer!
    a sweet november to you too!

  3. oh, so sorry dear Coco
    it's so hard to lose such a companion
    i hope you get a new friend soon -
    and what a wonderful photo you both took
    of your grey boots on tarmac!

  4. These are lovely images. What can you tell us about the circles in the concrete (or pavement)? Are they metal?

    1. they are cicle pattern on concreat on this street to
      the little park i sometimes visit. i am attracted to
      lots of circle pattern.