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Thursday, November 8, 2012

november lavender

i think that my garden has lost it's mind
lavender is blooming in november

tiny flower from some where
sorry, lost keep trucking all the seed's name
probably from russia
will enjoy lots of stitching, knitting, sewing
..... and plenty of tea today


  1. i can see you are wearing your new fur lined boots! they look cosy x

  2. Ours always does as well, in fact it's much happier than in summer
    It never blooms then )


  3. Happy knitting, stitching and weekending! There are never too many lavendel blooms, especially not in November.

  4. yes never too much tea....and to be honesty my lavenders are blooming too :) they have done so before...

  5. A lot of nice things here, you sweet one :) I love those fabrics!

  6. The last one of my japanese plants from you is still blooming. Thats one of the morning glory who is still alive, but now indoors of course. I show the plant on my blog today.

    I like tea too, its my favorite.
    Have a nice day.

  7. thank you for letting me know, coco
    and you are right - i remember this
    flower from the picture, when i was
    choosing them for you

    your garden is stunning,
    i wish one day i will have a
    small one of my own, too

    good night
    and pleasant day
    to you tomorrow