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Thursday, November 15, 2012

slow life

draw one circle and another
stitches one circle at a time..
knowing someone is looking forward to have this
is the best encouragement
getting very close to the end
walking around the town without my casio today. 
made me feel somewhat free from the technologic world
i was looking at the houses and street from a diffent angle from
before.  made me think. what if i didn't have computer,
camera, tv, cell phone..all those great things i now enjoy.
...nmm, that would make me very slow quiet life.
i decide to order my new companion today
hopefully, it will be in my hand soon.
can't wait ♡
sorry, my sashiko color is off..


  1. coco, it is very beautiful. color and form !

    1. it means a lot to me. thanks hela.

  2. i also think about this from time to time,
    how would our life be without all this technology...
    but i wish a quick arrive of your new companion!

    what is this you are making here? :)

  3. I often wonder about those things too. Sometimes I am longing for that slow life a lot.

  4. i find this the most meditative of sashiko stitches when i make it
    and at the same time so lively, so alive.
    and about unplugging from the world
    i always think i'm so dependent on my computer, the internent etc.
    but as soon as i am somewhere without it for weeks on end i find i don't miss it at all.

    have a lovely weekend, dear Coco

  5. @all,
    my new camera is coming soon. thanks for
    sharing your thoughts here with me.

  6. it's funny i should read this now, m friend has just contacted me and asked me if i would like to open a cafe with her that had no technology in it x