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Monday, December 31, 2012

12 months

four season
lots of time outdoor in spring time


sizzling summer time is here

harvest time of the year
autumn arrived slowly
as the winter approaches
i started knitting all day long
and this year, i really enjoyed sashiko stitches

another 12 months has passed
i want to thank all of you who supported my blog
i hope your last day of the year is surrounded by
laughter and joy

Sunday, December 30, 2012

in the kitchen 2012

 kitchen is probably my favorite place in the house. 
cooking meals, decorating shelf, selecting seasoning,
making tea from my favorite tea selection, putting dried
herbs from own garden in a jar, all these things help
me relax and really enjoy each moment.  this year, i added
a new antique orange color curtain to hopefully provide
warm, charming effect in the kitchen where
i spend lots of my time.  
 ~ spring ~ 
lots of fresh ingredients and greens
 ~ summer ~
  lots of veges and fruits
fry food really satisfy my summer appertite
~ autumn ~ 
soup, rissotto, pasta dish are favorite meal
duringthis season.
~ winter ~
pizza, pickle making,
and hot ginger drink i often make