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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

candle light

one coworker quit the job, so we
are doing extra work until the position is
replaced.....will be for a while.  this extra
long hours takes out everything out of me.
 to ease my tired mind, i decide to light this one today.
organic soy wax essential: 
texas cedar, atlas cedar, spearmint,
bergamot, & vanilla
made by very talented candle maker, kim
beautiful candle light i am enjoying lately.
when i am at home, i put the candle on in several spots.
looking at warm orange yellow light
this gives perfect tranquility
thank you kim


  1. Hello Coco,
    Doesn't a candle make everything better... Your candle must smell wonderful. Sorry you are tired.
    Best wishes Ivan

    1. it really does, and that is one thing
      i like to do when i am home.
      thanks for stopping by, ivan.

  2. oh I am sorry for your extra work. I hope the position will be replaced soon.
    Kim´s blog is amazing!