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Saturday, December 8, 2012

cold saturday

good weekend to all !
i am fighting and trying to recover
from frostbite on small toes
any good tips?


  1. oh no
    the best remedy i've found is cayenne. it increases circulation. you can add it to something to eat or drink (in whatever quantity you can tolerate). also add a small amount to olive oil and apply topically.

    taking vitamin c is also helpful for circulation.
    sorry to hear it. it must be painful

  2. Coco I also have this problem! I have chill blames frost bite on most of my toes both feet, some worse than others, I am yet to find a cure and it seems once they come they stay all winter, I have something called Raynauds phenomenon, it's so painful, sometimes to tears, I empathise with you x

    1. you can also try Kim's suggestion too.
      i am also doing foot bath with aroma oil/day.

  3. is that tea in the little sweet jars?
    i hope you get better soon!

    1. yes, they are herb tea from friends and
      i keep them in glass jar. this way, it
      is always visible to remind me good comfy tea
      is waiting.