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Thursday, December 20, 2012

jute bird feeder basket


when my garden green became so scant around this time
of year it was very sad to look at the garden compared to
summer time, but instead, different kinds of little birds
started coming by recently and entertain me often. 
as i mentioned in my profile, i love birds!
every time when i hear their charming voice coming
from my bamboo bush or balcony, i find myself
running to the window sill and look for them.
i don't know their name.  they are about my
hand size with cute round head.  to welcome them,
i crocheted jute bird feeder.  this will be a
christmas present to my birds!
will put it up on the tree on next day off



  1. it's so pretty coco!
    i am sure little birds will like it too! :)

  2. beautiful christmas present for the birds I'm sure they will come back again

  3. it's absolutely beautiful what a thoughtful idea for the birds, they will appreciate it i'm very sure! x

  4. hi coco. i always fill one of my bird feeders with a bunch of different colored loose thread or fabric, etc and they love it for making nests. i can see the way they weave it into their architecture. i love your jute feeder idea. that would be a great bird house.

  5. Beautiful! Birds will be happy. I love watch birs in my balcony too.