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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

nature wreath

never had good success in making wreath in the past
and also the the other day.  it was  enough reason to
think that wreath is not for me. 
but i found some helpful technique here
first plan was to add more color, but
decided to leave it rather simple
thank you for the tips and encouragement
thank you alicia and ivan


  1. Oi! So beautiful! I wish you nice and happy days, hugs!

    1. thank you satu and wishing the same to you
      for this holiday season.

  2. Not only one, you made two wreaths! They look beautiful, love the two of them but my favourite one is the second, I prefer grey leaves and those little red details are fantastic. Congratulations!

    And thank you so much for talking about us, you are very nice. (My friend Fátima, the other half of Arbolande, was who answered to your comment).

    1. i really enjoed making them this time.
      secound one was made with eucalyptus'
      leaves. it was fun!

      i thank Fatima also and just sent a note.

  3. Hello Coco,
    They are very beautiful and made with love, well done. I have just finished mine and posted so you can see. Thank you for the kind mention. I hope you enjoyed making them, the first one is so elegant and the second very festive.
    Best wishes Ivan

    1. the tip you gave us was very helpful.
      thanks for the kind words.

  4. i like them both!
    natural beauty :)
    the colors are beautiful!

    1. it was really fun making it. thank you!

  5. Coco, it is just perfect !! I knew you could do it from the beginning when I saw the branches you had gathered.
    I really loved the first one, the colors are so me :)) Beautiful both of them.

    ~ Aina ~

  6. without everone's encouragement, i wouldn't have
    tried again. it was so fun that makes me want
    to create some mroe.

  7. oh! I love the two. Beautiful ones!
    Thank you for remember my birthday :) I think the Etsy shop
    will open in two days, I hope.
    Your shop is closed? I was looking for a nice little bag for me :(

    1. thank you for your sweet note.
      here is my shop: