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Thursday, December 6, 2012

preserving yuzu peel

love this golden yellow face and waited for a year 
to get fresh one.  two yuzu came in one pack today. 
golden yellow part peeled and julienned
place them in tupperware and put in the freezer
this last almost a year without decent flavor fading

today, i am saving some of juice in the freezer
for later use for making tea
making pickle makes me happy 
these days


  1. sounds like a lovely past time to make you happy xx

  2. coco you are the best!!!!!
    thank you so much. your life is so beautiful and it means the world to me to have the lovely things you've made.
    i send you huge hugs.
    xokim ❤

  3. p.s. your package is somewhere out there on it's way to you from me. i hope it makes it before christmas.