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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

quiet life

although this time of the year, beautiful golden lights in town
is so amazing and give us festive feeling, coming to see the
quiet part of village give me tremendous amount of peacefulness.
here is where i took a walk during lunch break today. 
i am totally recharged.
image taken by my cell phone.  sorry
it is not a good photo. 


  1. Dear Coco, I have missed so many beautiful posts! I am Sitting here alsmot in the middle of the night (soon going to bed) just reading your little thoughts, looking at the pictures. Love them all. The colors are beautiful. These sceneries are like meditation to look at, pink and blue. Like a sunset, or sunrise.. I can absolutely understand that you feel recharged after a walk in these surroundings. Nature is a truly wonderful Designer. I always feel at peace. Tomorrow I am going to take a little walk myself, I have to gather some branches that I will use to make a garland. Now it's my turn, wish me good luck! I don`t have that much confidence in making wreaths either.

    Good night friend ~ Aina

    1. i am looking forwward to see photos from your walk.
      thank you for your sweet words.