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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

slow time


went out to get fresh vegetables and did lots of cooking
in the afternoon.  so many things i wanted to cook
while the sun was still up that i was in hurry and
sliced tip of my finger with vege slicer.
this remind me to slow down little. 
then, i sat down by kerosine heater with cup of coffee
and cheese cracker.   while the hearter was making
warm fire right next to me, i enjoyed the slowness
surround me.....
it was nice to find little time to sit and slow down
like this.  from now on, i am going to make time
to sit for a moment without doing anything,
with cup of favorite hot tea in my hand.   


  1. "dolce far niente" but enjoying a nice cup of tea!
    sounds perfect and necessary!

  2. I hope you are alright....sorry you had to cut yourself but you have turned it into a beautiful reminder for all of us to slow down & enjoy life. Thank you!

  3. that is always my favourite time of day, a 5-minute cup of tea, full of reflection and ponder

  4. it happen to me once...
    i almost cut my finger while cutting the bread...
    enjoy your slow moments :)

  5. to all✾
    after two days, it has healed well and
    no more pain. will enjoy the slow time
    more often.