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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

bird story

it had been a mystery that the hanging basket
liner kept loosing it's coco liner and getting thinner
and thinner and left being messy.  someone 
was stealing my liner litttttle bit at a time!
my first instinct was the wind.  
never imagine someone would take part of 
liner away ...little bit at a time.
but one day, i spotted a tiny bird pecking on it and
flew away, far away toward the mountain so proudly 
with some liner in her mouth. 
nmm, she must be making her own nest.  
i should have a big heart and forgive her.  but
stealing is not good.  since then, i put a jute fabric
around the liner but it seems like she keeps 
coming back.....
yet, there is no apology or asking.  

during the holidays, we, human had too much food. 
there were too many oranges at work.  but
one left and now it became too dry to eat.  
i kept it, took this home and
left on the tree.  this attract 
lovely moss green birds.

lots of white eyes brought the whole family.
enjoy the juicy fruits.


  1. Your story of the little liner thief was the most lovely one I've read in weeks. And the photos of the white eyes are fantastic. Thank you for sharing this (to me unknown) garden world of yours.

  2. so nice! I think we don´t have birds like this one around here :0

  3. ;^))))
    you are sweet!

    Patrice A.

  4. i just adore those tiny
    creature, don't you ☺

  5. What a lovely little bird story.....& beautiful photos too!

  6. how can someone get angry
    to little creatures :)
    so sweet story!
    it's nice to imagine that little bird
    will have a cosy nest now!

    and this green one
    is very pretty too!

  7. that's such a great idea with the orange. thanks coco!

  8. such a beautiful little bird!!!