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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

little tree

when i first started living here about 2.5yrs ago,
i had no plants or flower, nothing at all. 
totally without any green around me. 
i was so longing for green life and found this 5cm tall
tree sprout in the middle of bamboo bush.
i carefullly picked it, replaced in a tiny plastic pot,
water regulally.  for the last two years, there was no
excitement.  no change in leaf color or no fruits growng
as i was looking for some surprise. 
so boreing tree, i thought untill recently.
but now the top of the leaf color started to change
and gets more of my attention and it has grown
over 50cm tall by now.  

once i thought "boring tree"
now i am getting attached to it

all my plants are hanging in there