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Saturday, January 26, 2013

my mentor

my mother often makes dried daikon. she still does.  
she cut them thinly, dehydrated in breezy sunny 
location for many days and conserve for a long time.  
she often send us those daikon and homemade
pickles and etc...whatever she can find.
i noticed that every time when i received those, 
they are always wrapped in pink paper. 

ever since when we were little, she was our 
mentor who showed us how to garnish each 
dish with fresh green from the garden.  she 
would run to the backyard garden, find 
small green, put them on the side of the plate
or on top of homemade food she had prepared. 
having fresh green on each dish, it always made 
simple, positive effect.  food appearance changed
dramatically and tickled our appetite.  

today, i soaked them in water for a while.  will be 
cooked and enjoy having them for dinner and 
lunch tomorrow.   


  1. I think you must be a lot like your mother. Lovely story!

  2. Your mom sounds wonderful. My mom makes dried daikon, too, but she usually makes it a little spicy when she cooks it. It's so good with white rice!