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Friday, January 18, 2013


this week has been freezing cold.  no snow though.
pain and all the discomfort i had lately,
all now subsided after limiting my walk. 
while in pain, it crossed my mind
what if i ever become unable to walk
or unable to use my extremities freely
it is unthinkable 
i better take care of myself now

knitted simple scarf for myself while ago
and enjoying it daily.  makes me appreciate 
for health and peace of mind

after coming home from Dr. office with all
good test result, i sit by the stove with relief
enjoying this magazine and sunshine coming 
through the window

bought some pansies today


  1. What a lovely scarf you made!!
    Hopefully your pain will dissapear soon!!

  2. I'm glad your results were ok, is the pain from the cold? I have tests and blood tests this week to see if my circulation is ok, not a nice time to be in is it xxo

  3. Beatiful scarf. I hope you 'll soon be able to enjoy your walks again. So happy to see that you got that magazine and feeling guilty at the same time not sending you one. Happy reading and knitting dear Coco!

  4. I Love pansies, their colors are cheerful.
    Take care, I hope you will be better soon.


  5. Hello Coco,
    Happy you results were good, such a relief. I have to do a body scan this week, just routine but I never like things like that!

  6. happy results are good
    the scarf a beauty
    and the magazine one
    that I like too!

    take care
    Patrice A.

  7. Hello!
    What a beautiful scarf you've made, knitting is very relaxing.

  8. dear coco,

    thank you for your kind
    word about the flowers, i am happy
    they are blooming, even now! later,
    will try to find for you more seeds,
    i think here, in russia many of plants
    are often tend to be strong to survive
    our severe long winter..

    and your scarf looks
    so nice.

    take care,

    and happy new year
    to you, a little late, but
    still - sending many
    good thoughts to you

  9. S happy for you that your pain is gone & your results good! Pansies are my favorite flower.