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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

feed the birds

do you feed the birds❀

lately, one thing i really look forward to 
from my window view is to see different kind of birds
visiting my balcony.  looking at them so near by in 
nature is the most relaxing time.  
they may never know how much joy they bring to us.  
i am not sure if this works but fun experiment!
avocado pit covered with mashed rice(as a glue),
then dipped into bird seeds.   

p.s. my giveaway entry is still open until ☾tonight.


  1. We have a birdhouse in the garden too! And lately with the cold weather, so many little birds come visit it to feed theirselves :)
    I love to watch them!!

  2. I love to feed birds and hear them singing in my balcony, as you said, looking at them is relaxing.

  3. I love waking up to the sounds of the birds singing & now that I live upstairs I am right up in the trees with them. So much fun to watch them.... & yes very peaceful & calming. Your idea for a feeder is a great one, hope it works!

  4. hello there :)

    i never thought of cooked rice as 'glue', great idea.

  5. This looks really lovely! Such a cute idea!