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Saturday, February 16, 2013

for you ❤

i hear so many dark news these days on tv.  world 
should be a better place for all creature. 
abby's giveaway idea lead me to sit down
in front of my sewing machine. doing favorite sewing
and have someone to adopt my handmade definitely 
make me happy and i hope this will cheer you up too.

i like having linen kitchen towel.  it is durable material 
and dry quickly, good for summer and i also love using it
even during the winter time.  

here is giveaway detail:
2 linen kitchen towel (one red & one natural)
you can leave a message by 2/19th, tuesday
i will do random pick for two people.

i like to hear what you are looking forward to
do in spring time if you like to share.  


  1. I would love to enter coco's lovely giveaway!
    Those kitchen towels look so pretty!! :)

    What am I looking forward to do in Spring..

    Going hiking!!
    I'm looking forward to going hiking and
    taking photos of pretty Spring flowers.


  2. What a nice giveaway! As I'm living in Finland and we have tons of snow, the thing that I'm looking forward the most is being able to put the winter boots away and wear my sneakers again. It gives me such a great feeling year after year, you feel so light anf free! :)


  3. These are beautiful coco! I'd love to take part!
    I can't wait to spent time outside again when spring begins! And take care of the garden and plants and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner on our terrace!

  4. Hi, Coco! I love your linen tea table cloths:) I look forward to 24 hour daylight in the spring. I get so much energy and get so much done!

  5. I am going to sit a lot in de sun!! Looking at all the flowers and maybe looking at your beautiful kitchen towel;-)

  6. Sitting down calming in a half sunny half ombragé spot, feeding my small baby, listening to the older one chatting, and growing stronger and wiser myself. Trying not to overthink and let life naturally and effortlesly unfold.
    Thank you for the giveaway coco!

  7. ah! spring! i can't wait for the spring vegetables and fruits to come, and to enjoy the beautiful weather by the sea!

  8. Oh, spring! I'm definitely waiting for it. It might be Summer already before it's warm enough, but I'm missing having breakfast outdoors.But before that I wish to see the cranes moving back from South.

  9. Lovely towels, love the embroidery work you did in it.
    I would like to participate in your give away.
    As I live in a tropical country...
    We don´t have another season than spring
    But for now we enjoy the last days before the
    rainy season begins.
    Big hug : )

  10. Here in northern Sweden, there's a lot of snow.
    I´m longing for to walk around in my garden again, thats not possible right now, winter is not my cup of tea...

    Love your linen kitchen towel. Have a nice day!

  11. Your linens are lovely, and I am in need of some to cut back on using paper towels. This spring I am looking forward to watching my flowers bloom, planting new flowers and a little vegetable garden and eating at my new picnic table my father built for me :) Warm wishes on a snowy day from North Carolina, USA.

  12. I'm looking forward to some more days off, just taking it slowly and enjoying the sun. The first day you can take off your shoes and walk on a warm pavement and on the grass is always special for me, every spring, so I'm hoping for that to happen sooner rather than later.

  13. ohh I'd love to take part please, lovely linens. I am looking forward to longer days, sunsets on the beach and sowing crops xxo