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Friday, February 15, 2013

scented sashet

rainy morning, woke up with the sweet scent of
lavender this morning.  .....'s leaves changing color
as if they are in the middle of autumn.  do your's
change color like this at this time of the year?
not sure if it's good or bad, should i remove the
red leaf?  do anyone knows about this?
(i can never remember the name of this plant).
tulip buds slowly peaking through  ✾

beautifully made sashet with antique
tea towels, filled with sweet scent.
you may like this nature girl as much as i do.
prunus & her shop
thank you alicia.



  1. so funny that you don´t remember the name of this plant! This is Geranium, the botanical name is Pelargonium. Is funny because here in Spain is the most famous plant!
    Maybe the red leaves are due to a rude change of temperature.
    I am so happy that you like the sachets :)