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Saturday, March 16, 2013

hometown doughnuts

this old fashioned doughnuts recipe was from my mother.  she and all my aunts
often made this when i was growing up in a small island.  this is like my
hometown recipe and still like it a lot.  super easy, fun to make, and
taste good even after days......
i am going to deliver basketfull of this to my nephew this evening. 
original recipe contain 3eggs but adding one more egg
made big difference.  softer and taste better. 
here is my revised new recipe if you like to try.
flour 300g
sugar 150g
baking powder  1.5tsp
4 eggs

in a pink mood these days                 
how about you?                 


  1. Oi njam! Pink mood sounds the best! I´ve been a little dark green mood, a bit tired and silent. But we have sun! :)

  2. What a special treat for your nephew! They look so good! I love the photos especially the last one in pink!

  3. mmm you are the best auntie :)
    I think that we have something similar in Spain, we call it "rosquillas".