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Friday, April 26, 2013

bakery or gardener

the other day, one coworker asked
"what would like to be beside what you do now?"
"lady in a bakery! who sells fresh bread in a little shop"
that was the immediate response
beside bakery,
gardener wouldn't be bad
ever since this flower came from russia
i was amazed by this little plants
they survived cold months without any complaints
remained content with lovely lovely pink flower on their tip
now spring, they doubled in size
although only few, was able to get some seeds
it's been so nice to have some
pink color in my balcony


  1. "lady in a bakery", I don´t know this strange plant :0)

  2. ;^)))

    when they ask me it's always writer of children books
    but a lady in a bakery would be fine too
    or in a flowershop or bookshop or....
    i need more lives i guess

    Patrice A.