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Friday, May 31, 2013

sound of morning

first juneberry begin to ripen

yesterday evening, i took a walk with my nephew,
together, we enjoyed swing in night light at the park
we sat in the park for a while and walked around some
smile came back to his face
later at night, he gave me and his mother a little quiz he created
that was a relief to hear his own creation

things are slowly going back to normal
i sit here this morning looking at my juneberry
birds are visiting my garden and eating as i sit here typing
they seem to be in a hurry
don't know why......
here comes thin one
i am making quiet soundless moment for them
so they can eat in peace without being rushed

Thursday, May 30, 2013

kitchen things sashiko

thank you helen for reminding me
funness of sashiko stitches
despite the rain and foggy atmosphere today
doing some stitches made me relax
had cup of coffee and stared at
 some magazines
i like these old fashioned things in the magazine
here are some beautiful items i found

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


our rainy season has arrived
muggy, cloudy sky 

my days lately 
involves in spending lots of time with family
my nephew was involved in car accident the day before,
since then he has been hurting and not feeling well
right now, he needs lots of attention from mom
he is usually a very talkative boy and loves potato chips like me
so when he start talking a lot like before and
start craving for chips, i know he is getting better !

at the same time, my father is here with me
getting older and his health deteriorating
it is hard to make old man to realize it is part of the aging process
how can i do that without being all of us getting stressed out...

even rains, standing in the middle of my balcony garden
soften stressed mind
am going to put the lunch for birds now
hope your thursday is peaceful 


Sunday, May 26, 2013

green onion & orange peel spaghetti

one of my favorite spring&summer spaghetti
delicious and easy
idea was from trip to europe and lunch at the cafe
years ago.  merory of refreshing taste still remains
in my mind as a souvenir recipe. every time, when i
cook and eat this, i remember the cafe and happy
time of my trip
green onion
orange peel (any citrus is good)
olive oil
little bit of chicken soup powder(if you have)


all of them didn't survive last year
on pupped up in the pot this spring
i wonder what kind of flower will bloom

Saturday, May 25, 2013

crochet jute basket

birds didn't come to eat out of this basket
when i put food for them
instead of using as a bird feeder,
i put some green inside
they seem to like this natural material

saturday morning

good morning.  bright sunny morning to start the
weekend here.  garden strawberries for breakfast this
morning.  pink and red geranium in bloom.  baby flax in
their growth spurt!, hoping them to grow as t~all as they can. 
in a month or so, they will hold pretty blue flowers
on their tip.   basil and oregano sprouts pupping out
from the pots...  soon, there will be some nice herbs
to look at. 

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

morning garden

cardiospermum making on their way to summer
curtain by the window
this was started from tiny tiny seeds last fall, now
making cute petite flower all over and my sister's garden.
i can't remember the name. anyone knows about this flower? 
one white flower greeted me this morning
what are in your garden today?

Sunday, May 19, 2013

being one self

the other day, i was walking in town after shopping,
there was a lady in front of me, apperantely we were
walking toward the same direction....
oh, i fell in love with the atmosephere she had,
had sky blue linen pants and dark blue linen jacket on,
on her left arm, there was a very nice old knitted tote,
and cream colored cute hat to protect and enhance her apperance,
so very well-groomed, i immediately fell in love with this
atmosphere.   she was about in her 70's, i suppose.
such a beautiful admirable lady who maintains own style

Sunday, May 12, 2013

in the garden

beautiful month of the year
plants thriving in the balcony garden
and in it's prime beauty
i wish there is a way to deliver
chirping voice of the birds
and peacefulness of the shade to you

Monday, May 6, 2013

come with me

day trip to kyoto

pickle shop

moss roof

moss garden

kyoto jakkoin

unusual plant i saw here
tiny flower buds on the middle of leaf

souvenir shops 



kyoto ohara sanzenin 
this place has special atmosphere
once you visited, it becomes unforgettable scene 


free tea room

my giveaway will be sent to
mi joya  congratulations.
mi joya, please send me your