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Sunday, May 19, 2013

being one self

the other day, i was walking in town after shopping,
there was a lady in front of me, apperantely we were
walking toward the same direction....
oh, i fell in love with the atmosephere she had,
had sky blue linen pants and dark blue linen jacket on,
on her left arm, there was a very nice old knitted tote,
and cream colored cute hat to protect and enhance her apperance,
so very well-groomed, i immediately fell in love with this
atmosphere.   she was about in her 70's, i suppose.
such a beautiful admirable lady who maintains own style


  1. Dear coco, i received the cute lunchbag today! Thank you so much, i really like it!
    Also thank you for the seeds you added, i'll plant them this week :)

  2. How nice of you to notice this woman. I often do the same thing. I see someone & think I like their style. I think it is especially good to see the older generation with positive eyes as they are so often over looked or become almost invisible to us. Thank you for this post. Your dinner looks good too!

  3. what a lovely anecdote ♥

  4. nice! I like these little stories :)

  5. Such a lovely observation and I really love your photo.
    xo, j