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Monday, May 6, 2013

come with me

day trip to kyoto

pickle shop

moss roof

moss garden

kyoto jakkoin

unusual plant i saw here
tiny flower buds on the middle of leaf

souvenir shops 



kyoto ohara sanzenin 
this place has special atmosphere
once you visited, it becomes unforgettable scene 


free tea room

my giveaway will be sent to
mi joya  congratulations.
mi joya, please send me your



  1. Wonderful photos of this moss garden! It makes me dream ...

    1. dream ~ ^^ is good. i enjoy visiting
      places with lots of green and relaxing place.

  2. I've been longing to go to Japan as I've been reading Haruki Murakami lately. Thank you for this beautiful long-distance journey, I'll be having many close looks at your Kyoto photos in the coming days.

    1. kyoto has been my favorite place in japan.
      there are still many places i've never been,
      will try to make some more visit.

  3. This place looks like a little idyl, I want to visit and I also want one of every wooden spoon in that photo, lovely, beautiful photos x

  4. beautiful!!! I hope I will visit your country some day :)

  5. Hey coco! I just saw your message! Yay!! Me happy :)
    I'll mail you with my address.

    That looks like a lovely place, all the beautiful green...

  6. I was twice in Kyoto and I fall in love with this city!!! Old Japan mixed with the new one... Magical places, every one can choose a very amazing place to dream! Thanks for the pictures! You make my day! Thank you!

  7. Thanks for taking us on this beautiful journey ....Kyoto is so lovely & serene .....I am so happy to have this chance to visit through your wonderful photos!

  8. Such a beautiful place, thank you for taking us with you.
    I've been away and have missed you.
    xo, j