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Sunday, May 12, 2013

in the garden

beautiful month of the year
plants thriving in the balcony garden
and in it's prime beauty
i wish there is a way to deliver
chirping voice of the birds
and peacefulness of the shade to you


  1. Ohh that's a Hosta plant! I've got those in my garden too, love the big leaves!

  2. Dear Coco, I hope everything is well with you.
    I agree, Spring is absolutely wonderful! This time of year makes me very happy. Spring is such a beautiful season. The colours, the smell of dirt when digging, and all the blooming flowers everywhere. No wonder the birds are singing :) Take care.

    Friendly ~ Aina

  3. I am longing for finish my exams an spend more time outdoors!

  4. beautiful and peaceful photos,
    i love them.

  5. through your beautiful photos and words I can hear the birds.
    xo, j