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Thursday, May 30, 2013

kitchen things sashiko

thank you helen for reminding me
funness of sashiko stitches
despite the rain and foggy atmosphere today
doing some stitches made me relax
had cup of coffee and stared at
 some magazines
i like these old fashioned things in the magazine
here are some beautiful items i found


  1. Your stitch work is wonderful!
    Thank you for the look inside the magazine.
    Even the basic tools of our everyday should be beautiful.
    xo, j

  2. your sashiko stitching work is so very beautiful coco so i hope you will
    make some more of them and show us. the cushion cover you made for me are
    one of the things in my home that are very special and dear to me...

    : )

  3. this is beautiful Coco, thank you for all the inspiration you have given me x