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Wednesday, May 29, 2013


our rainy season has arrived
muggy, cloudy sky 

my days lately 
involves in spending lots of time with family
my nephew was involved in car accident the day before,
since then he has been hurting and not feeling well
right now, he needs lots of attention from mom
he is usually a very talkative boy and loves potato chips like me
so when he start talking a lot like before and
start craving for chips, i know he is getting better !

at the same time, my father is here with me
getting older and his health deteriorating
it is hard to make old man to realize it is part of the aging process
how can i do that without being all of us getting stressed out...

even rains, standing in the middle of my balcony garden
soften stressed mind
am going to put the lunch for birds now
hope your thursday is peaceful 



  1. So sorry about your nephew's accident but glad that he is getting better and wishing your father well.
    You sound so tired, dear one.
    I hope the sun soon peeks out to brighten your day.
    much love
    xo, j

  2. oh, I didn´t know about your nephew, but it seems he is getting better.
    Are you having your father in home just for some days? Or Does he come to live with you?

  3. So sorry to hear about your nephew and father.
    I worry about my parents too, both of them have been a few times in hospital the last year, having troubles with their health.
    It's hard to realise they are getting older and things are going to change in the future...