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Friday, May 31, 2013

sound of morning

first juneberry begin to ripen

yesterday evening, i took a walk with my nephew,
together, we enjoyed swing in night light at the park
we sat in the park for a while and walked around some
smile came back to his face
later at night, he gave me and his mother a little quiz he created
that was a relief to hear his own creation

things are slowly going back to normal
i sit here this morning looking at my juneberry
birds are visiting my garden and eating as i sit here typing
they seem to be in a hurry
don't know why......
here comes thin one
i am making quiet soundless moment for them
so they can eat in peace without being rushed


  1. So glad he is doing better.
    Your comment about creating a quiet moment touched my heart.
    If only we could slow down...
    xo, j