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Wednesday, May 22, 2013


so hot here already


  1. Here it's grey and rainy, today. It has been very sunny before, I hope the sun comes back soon.

    I love these photos!

  2. Hi Coco, hope all is well with you. I enjoy your images. Loved the clothes the old lady wore ! I normally use a lot of linen clothes during the spring and summer months myself. It is so light and breezy. Elegant as well !

    The last couple of weeks we had the best weather in a long time, it felt like summer. Today it is grey and rainy, but still warm. I like this time of year. July and August can be a bit too hot for my liking.

    Friendly ~ Aina

  3. Oh sent some warmth over here!! It's too cold for this time of the year...

  4. It has been very hot here too, but rain is on its way to was away the heat...I hope!
    xo, j