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Sunday, June 30, 2013

seed garden


your seed produced next generation
in so far away land
they did so well, entertained me for many months
bees and butterflies loved it as much as i did
they will be sowed in my favorite terracota pot
will definitely enjoy again and again
thank you so much
and here is seed garden for you
do you recognize the seed?
this post is dedicated to sweet olga

avocado & etc

                                                                                                                                                                                             morning glory

sunday afternoon 
balcony look rearranged

Saturday, June 29, 2013


dear j, next time when you find acorn in the woods
hide it under the dirt
it will grow and surprise you when you
totally forget about it
decent surprise 

with new apron

woke up with sunshine. i adore this dry summery
weather this morning.  a kitchen rug being outside
to get some fresh air.  i should have made herbal
disinfectant to spray them.  maybe i will do so sooon....
from my old photo collection, i found this
cardiospermum balloon photo which was and is still one my
very favorite shots i've done in the past.  it is just
a plant but the whole structure is so amazing and
it teachs us how nature can creat such a beautiful thing.
yesterday, i went out to look for colorful summer rug
for my living room.  i love rugs....especially colorful ones.
but i couldn't find anything satisfying.  but luckly,
i met this apron and instantly knew this is for me ♪
one assignment i made for myself this summer is to
make lots of dry herbs for winter.  now, the thyme
becoming big bush, i picked some to start drying.
oregano and basil are growing well too as i speak. 
i wonder if they can be dried at home?
(do you know if they are good to dry?)

Friday, June 28, 2013

homemade jam


first time is always so exciting to experiment
something new.   it smelled so good while cooking.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

blue stich

(L) flax
(R) fun with blue sashiko stitches
summery taste of blue. love it.

the garden in the morning


the rain is taking a break and bit of sunshine is back today.  getting
out to the garden and finding some new sprouts or flower buds
is so exciting.  this helps me forget all about the dreaded rainy season.
this morning, i spotted this tiny flower bud i planted with rasberry
and bog sage in the same pot.  they seem to be a good companion
to each other and the combination of leaves are so pretty
in the eyes.
alicia, thank you for sending me the seed and
your garndmother's flower is doing well here. 
growing plants from the seed and when they begin to
make fruits or flower, it gives me so much hope.
i am so lookg forward to see what color of bloom
it will be and already excited about getting seed from it.
thanks so much alicia.
my cardiospermum is ready for support.
i need to go find the tree branch for this...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

note from my heart

about a month or so, i put some restriction on
who can view my space.  i did that because there
had been so many unwanted comments kept piled
up.  but it made me feel like i was putting a fence
around myself. 
i am a person who like enoumously large open space,
like to move around and breath freely. 
today, i decided to let the fence go. 
whoever likes to come visit my blog is truly welcomed
 and appreciate your support.
at the same time, i like to keep this space
 decent and comfortable not only for me
but also for others to come rest their mind.
thank you for your respcet.

soy glazed onion pizza


getting tired of so much rain here these days.  wind blowing
hard again, i don't know how many times i have to take my
pots in to save them from this bad weather ......but i feels
better that they are in safer place now. 

i saw delicious looking facaccia on some where in this
blog space few days ago but can't remember
where i saw.  i was so inspired, i made small pizza
with glased onion with drip of soy souce and lightly
sauteed eggplant, potatoes, basil, thyme. 

now wishing for sunny days to come back.

do you like different types of architecture?
beautiful garden design in asia. this is what i
watched today.  
p.s. this is the one inspried me.
       anna's facaccia.  it looks great!

Monday, June 24, 2013

natural deodrizer

during this rainy season, i have to watch my
environment to prevent mold growing. 
after cleaning the room, i made this
natural deodrizer for my room and shoes shelf.
just baking soda and dried herb
in a little jar
you can easily try this one

Sunday, June 23, 2013

geometric pattern

bit of zakka shopping in town and lunch with mother
instant attraction to geometric pattern
i came home with beautiful handkerchief
hmm, love the color and the pattern


Saturday, June 22, 2013

what i miss

's been raining so much
i long for sunshin and get to the garden

Thursday, June 20, 2013


so much rain for last two days due to #4 typhoon

my day at work was on my feet for many hours
and feel exhauseted and i was going to eat
only instant noodle for supper,  but instead, i made
soup curry with potatos, carrots, and onion, only
basic vegetable i usually have in the fridge. 
simple soup but still homemade is better than
quick noodle. 

 it must be the feel rather cool tonight.
i am now making hot tea and rest my feet.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

rainy day though

baby mouse for little one

it rained all day
my mother worries too much about father and this drive us nuts
lately......    all these producing bad cycle in the family.
it is not possible to change the way they think....
and may not be a smart idea to even try. 
but instead
maybe, i can lead her mind to a oppposite direction.
so, i got all my sashiko items in front of her
and showed some of the things i've made.
i didn't miss her smily eyes.  then, she
slowly put her glasses on and started stiching
around the white cotton.  then
made one circle at a time.  gradually,
she and i became quieter and concentrated on it
for a while.  even only for a few minutes,
it was a relief to see her peaceful eyes.
an hour later, we sipped cup of hot coffee with
some cookies and i ate icecream too.
it is still raining outside as if nothing is happening
in this world.  
more rainy days to come.

Monday, June 17, 2013

fabric baby rattle

i despise catepillar in real life but making this
was fun.  for my a month old neice, i made a
caterpillar baby rattle.  there are tiny bell inside.

fabric dyeing with red shiso leaves came out
like this color.  soft soothing pink. 

Sunday, June 16, 2013

summer drink and natural dyeing

i received big bunch of red shiso(perilla) from
a kind neighbor.  as this has such a great deep
purple color, i was kind of looking forward to
this free giveaway.  with these leaves, i did
two things this afternoon.
i used half of leaves for shiso sour juice
another half for natural dyeing. 
rinsed and boiled for 5min
then, add 1cup of vineger
and 1 cup of sugar
this is the result.   beautiful natural sour drink
to boost energy during the hot summer.

another half used for dyeing white cotton fabric.
i look forward to see how the color comes
out tomorrow when it is completely dry.