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Monday, June 17, 2013

fabric baby rattle

i despise catepillar in real life but making this
was fun.  for my a month old neice, i made a
caterpillar baby rattle.  there are tiny bell inside.

fabric dyeing with red shiso leaves came out
like this color.  soft soothing pink. 


  1. beautiful colours on all photos, the ey turned out well, love the little caterpillar x

    1. i have a feeling that my sister will enjoy the
      caterpillar more that a little neice^^. will see~

  2. hallo dear coco!
    thank you for the invitation one more time :)

    the catepillar you made is beautiful!
    i would like to experiment with natural color dyeing too!
    beautiful green everywhere!

    1. it was fun project i did recently.
      and i also want to try more natural
      dyeing with other plants in the future.
      have you done any natural dyeing ? i wonde
      what else would be good material?

    2. i only once dyed paper with tea :)
      do you have any instructions that you followed?

  3. A new niece? Congratulations!
    The caterpillar is cute :)

  4. The rattle is so cute, your niece is a very lucky baby to have you as an aunt!

    The pink fabric is so beautiful. I'm thinking of dyeing yarn & fabric myself, what do you recommend for a beginner?

    1. myself is a bigginer for natural dyeing as well. in the
      past, i experimented dyeing with tea and also with coffee.

      i had fun with flower petals not too long ago, if you can
      gather brigher color of flower, that might be good to
      try the first time.
      and as i read in the book, silk fabric is good material
      to be dyed. but i only had cotton and linen and i love
      those types of fabric, so i just tried..
      i would like to see what you use for dyeing..looking
      forward to your experiment. have fun mirva.

  5. this caterpillar is so nice, so adorable, coco
    such a great present for your baby niece
    and for her mom, too

    and i love to see your photos with
    nature, mostly unfamiliar to me
    plants, magic for my eyes

    nice day to you , dear coco
    take care

    1. with some rain last few days,
      surrounding green has grown like an jungle now.
      thank you for the comforting comment.

  6. the medlar fruit (top right, i think it has another name too) is one of my favourite,
    a beautiful tree was growing out of a wall in our abandoned house
    when we bought it, so sad we had to cut it down,
    we still think of it, its huge fruit and heady scent
    and your caterpillar is perfect for a perfect little niece i'm sure
    as for the pink, it turned out a lovely shade
    does it fade when you wash it?

    1. i have not rewashed the pink fabric.
      i want to keep this beauty as it is, i may just
      keep it by making non-washerble items.
      cutting the tree in your house must have been hard
      things to do. mayby, you can plant another one.