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Thursday, June 13, 2013

good morning

it was the # 3 typhoon this year
every year, we get so many, sometimes more
than 10 typhoons come visit us with
heavy rain and powerful wind together but
luckly, this time, the storm went to a different direction
sunshine and the birds are back this morning
although not much rain, the wind was so strong
i put half of my pots against the concreat wall
and they survived with only littel damage
normally, i hated this wall as i like
large open field better with lots of light
but this time, i learned this wall protected most
of my plants, so i am now thankful
to this stone wall
sometimes and in many cases, i have a tendency to buy the
book and magazine by their first appearance 
this one, i absolutely fell in love with this cover and wanted for a
long, i decided to order for my birthday. 
it arrived to my door safely last night.
this so "Peaceful Gardens" photo melts my heart
❤ never seen anything like this




  1. Dear coco, I'm glad to hear you and your garden are perfectly safe after the typhoon. I also wanted to thank you for the daily inspiration you provide us with, I read your blog every day for a fix of tranquillity, calm and beauty. <3

    1. that was a sweet message to hear.
      although, not all part of my life is
      peaceful one, trying to creat time and moment
      for bit of calmness is good for my soul.
      i am glad to hear that someone enjoy it.
      thanks for your word.