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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

note from my heart

about a month or so, i put some restriction on
who can view my space.  i did that because there
had been so many unwanted comments kept piled
up.  but it made me feel like i was putting a fence
around myself. 
i am a person who like enoumously large open space,
like to move around and breath freely. 
today, i decided to let the fence go. 
whoever likes to come visit my blog is truly welcomed
 and appreciate your support.
at the same time, i like to keep this space
 decent and comfortable not only for me
but also for others to come rest their mind.
thank you for your respcet.


  1. I'm so happy to be able to visit your blog again, I have try to enter your blog, but something was wrong, the invitation from you did never work out for me.

    Have a great day!

    1. i am glad to be able to communicate with
      all my friends again. thanks for keep trying.

  2. i think it is a good decision! I wonder why people write bad comments! Or do you mean spam?

  3. i am very glad to see your on my blog list links again, and glad you decided to open up publicly again, it would be a shame if new people could not find this little treasure of a blog x

  4. i really hope it works out for you this time, dear Coco
    so happy to see your blog breathing again :)

  5. Thank you Coco, for opening your blog again! I, too had tried to visit your blog but could not. I completely understand about unwanted comments, it seems they are everywhere these days. So glad to enjoy your lovely, peaceful world again. Have a great week :)

  6. Dear coco, like the others I'm happy to enjoy your blog again. It's up to us, also to filter the comments, don't let them touch you too much. Enjoy the not rainy summer days.