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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

rainy day though

baby mouse for little one

it rained all day
my mother worries too much about father and this drive us nuts
lately......    all these producing bad cycle in the family.
it is not possible to change the way they think....
and may not be a smart idea to even try. 
but instead
maybe, i can lead her mind to a oppposite direction.
so, i got all my sashiko items in front of her
and showed some of the things i've made.
i didn't miss her smily eyes.  then, she
slowly put her glasses on and started stiching
around the white cotton.  then
made one circle at a time.  gradually,
she and i became quieter and concentrated on it
for a while.  even only for a few minutes,
it was a relief to see her peaceful eyes.
an hour later, we sipped cup of hot coffee with
some cookies and i ate icecream too.
it is still raining outside as if nothing is happening
in this world.  
more rainy days to come.


  1. a quiet moment shared with your mother, this sounds perfect and is beautifully written, thank you for this story

  2. Such a beautiful story, dear Coco.
    You are a good daughter and I will keep you and your family close to my heart.
    I enjoyed catching up with your posts.
    much love
    xo, j

  3. so sweet little story
    of you and your mother.
    precious moments!
    and yes parents are so difficult
    to change their opinions.
    cute mouse!
    does it have a bell in it too?

    1. yes, tiny bell inside to make
      soft rattling sound.

  4. my dear coco,
    this is how my mother got through
    my father's long illness, a few stitches every day
    and she still does, it quietens her mind, her heart
    it even makes it glad.

  5. So nice of you Coco to help your mother forget about her worries a bit...
    What a cute little mouse you've made!! :)