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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

soy glazed onion pizza


getting tired of so much rain here these days.  wind blowing
hard again, i don't know how many times i have to take my
pots in to save them from this bad weather ......but i feels
better that they are in safer place now. 

i saw delicious looking facaccia on some where in this
blog space few days ago but can't remember
where i saw.  i was so inspired, i made small pizza
with glased onion with drip of soy souce and lightly
sauteed eggplant, potatoes, basil, thyme. 

now wishing for sunny days to come back.

do you like different types of architecture?
beautiful garden design in asia. this is what i
watched today.  
p.s. this is the one inspried me.
       anna's facaccia.  it looks great!


  1. It seems to me like the weather has gone crazy lately everywhere!!
    I hope we'll soon have some nice sunny days everywhere :)

    Pizza looks yummy!

    1. now the rainy days lasted for a while,
      when sunshine hit, it will be greater
      than ever, i think.
      have a wonderful day.

  2. it has been that weather in so many countries here in europe also this spring and also beginning of summer.
    no wonder that you are getting tired of so much rain sweet coco...
    i am sending you lots of sunshine hugs from my garden (where my beautiful peonies are in full bloom now)

    1. it sounds so lovely to have
      beautiful peonies in your garden.
      thanks for the hugs.

  3. Your focaccia looks so yummy too!! ;)

    1. thank YOU anna! i learn so much from others
      and lucky to have friends who share similar

  4. It's been really rainy here too. Sometimes I wish I could bring my garden inside on these windy, rainy days! We also made pizza this week. A rare, but favorite dinner here. I hope your sun comes back soon.

    1. bringing garden inside(^^). such
      a funny but lovely idea.
      pizza is one of my favorite. and these
      days, i have been craving for big american
      pizza with lots of pepperloni on it.
      good day abby!!

  5. Hi coco, your pizza looks yummy! This is the first time I have seen your blog on my reader list.....sorry I have missed so much.....but glad I am connected now.....hope the sun comes out soon for you!

    1. all i crave for at the moment is
      bright sunshine ☀
      maybe, it will be back in few days~.
      but while in rain, i can enjoy other's
      sunshine post.

  6. i love how in the video link you gave with Monty Don their is a a room in the garden with a window to represent each season :) tasty looking pizza,

  7. your pizza looks delicious!
    and i like the raindrop foto!