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Sunday, June 16, 2013

summer drink and natural dyeing

i received big bunch of red shiso(perilla) from
a kind neighbor.  as this has such a great deep
purple color, i was kind of looking forward to
this free giveaway.  with these leaves, i did
two things this afternoon.
i used half of leaves for shiso sour juice
another half for natural dyeing. 
rinsed and boiled for 5min
then, add 1cup of vineger
and 1 cup of sugar
this is the result.   beautiful natural sour drink
to boost energy during the hot summer.

another half used for dyeing white cotton fabric.
i look forward to see how the color comes
out tomorrow when it is completely dry.


  1. it's so hot here too and
    your drink looks so thirst-quenching
    can't wait to see the cotton !

  2. that drink does look quenching, and also sounds intriguing with the vinegar and sugar. Lovely neighbourly friendship :) x