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Thursday, June 27, 2013

the garden in the morning


the rain is taking a break and bit of sunshine is back today.  getting
out to the garden and finding some new sprouts or flower buds
is so exciting.  this helps me forget all about the dreaded rainy season.
this morning, i spotted this tiny flower bud i planted with rasberry
and bog sage in the same pot.  they seem to be a good companion
to each other and the combination of leaves are so pretty
in the eyes.
alicia, thank you for sending me the seed and
your garndmother's flower is doing well here. 
growing plants from the seed and when they begin to
make fruits or flower, it gives me so much hope.
i am so lookg forward to see what color of bloom
it will be and already excited about getting seed from it.
thanks so much alicia.
my cardiospermum is ready for support.
i need to go find the tree branch for this...


  1. That's something i love to do too, walk in the garden and look at all the plants that are sprouting..

    1. true joy to do first thing in the
      morning during summer.

  2. Oh! Your scabiosas (right) are doing well ;)

    1. scabiosa!!
      it is so so exciting to have
      unknown flower in my own garden.
      i enjoy this very much and it will be nice
      to spread this joy to others as well.

  3. that left-hand picture especially
    makes me want to draw again -
    enjoy your garden!

    1. nice complement to hear.
      thanks xenia.