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Saturday, June 8, 2013


must be the sunshine, i was in a mood for writing
big time, wanted to write to everybody if possible...
when you have a pretty paper package like this,
don't you hate to waste?  i do! so, i kept the paper with
charming drawing, will make seed packages.
my neighbor left lots of tomato plants for free
as she always does every year for some kind of plants
to share with others.   i put them in a larger container,
let them stay here in breathy location.  outside today is
soooo hot, too hot for some of plants......need to be
rescued.  will move them to cooler location. 
hope your weekend is filled with sunshine ☀


  1. I have been giving my neighbour plants lately, I always see him in his garden and he takes care of it so well, his skin is like leather because he never hides from the sun, I gave him some poppy seedlings I had grown and some chilli seedlings and in exchange he gave me some pots. Have a lovely weekend :)

    1. what a beautiful relationship with
      neighbor. nice to have friend like

  2. Hi coco, it worked this time. Thank you & happy belated birthday!!!

    1. glad you got it in.
      thanks for the wish.