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Saturday, June 29, 2013

with new apron

woke up with sunshine. i adore this dry summery
weather this morning.  a kitchen rug being outside
to get some fresh air.  i should have made herbal
disinfectant to spray them.  maybe i will do so sooon....
from my old photo collection, i found this
cardiospermum balloon photo which was and is still one my
very favorite shots i've done in the past.  it is just
a plant but the whole structure is so amazing and
it teachs us how nature can creat such a beautiful thing.
yesterday, i went out to look for colorful summer rug
for my living room.  i love rugs....especially colorful ones.
but i couldn't find anything satisfying.  but luckly,
i met this apron and instantly knew this is for me ♪
one assignment i made for myself this summer is to
make lots of dry herbs for winter.  now, the thyme
becoming big bush, i picked some to start drying.
oregano and basil are growing well too as i speak. 
i wonder if they can be dried at home?
(do you know if they are good to dry?)


  1. Replies
    1. i fell in love with this
      cute one. thank you.

  2. Dear Coco, it is always so nice to hear from you ! Thank you for always leaving thoughtful messages in my blog. I appreciate it very much. Thinking of you also, a lot lately, specially because of the typhoon. Glad the weather has improved. Here we have a lot of rain lately, still we see glimps of sun now and then. Dry tonight.

    I love the image of the cardiospermum balloon also, it looks very artistic. LOVE your new apron! Gentle colour. I have never dried herbs myself actually, a good idea. But fresh herbs are always a favourite. I found these links, how to dry Basil and oregano :

    Basil :
    Oregano :

    Also this link to one of my favourite food blog :
    Herbs :

    Have a nice weekend Coco, warm hug to you.

    ~ Aina ~

    1. appreciate the links. thank yo aina.
      when the basil get dark brownish color
      after drying, i thought they are unsuccessful.
      i learned something usuful now. i will definitely
      try these.
      thanks so much.

  3. I LOVE this post! Your writing made me feel like i was there...


    1. thanks to all of you, i enjoyed
      posting this one as well.
      not every day is like this but
      i felt greatful that i was being
      able to write this peaceful post.
      thank YOU for reading my post.