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Monday, July 15, 2013

evening wish

enjoyed making pizza with my nephew
he chose mint as a garnish in addition to
rosemarry, basil, thyme
mint on pizza! 
although i never thought of it before
it was good
went on jogging in the evening
i should make this as my evening routine like i used to do


  1. Mint on pizza, what a great idea!
    Glad you went for a jog, it's such a good feeling.
    Off to North Carolina this week...thinking of you in the mountains.
    xo, j

  2. Leave it to children to come up with new & interesting combinations.....I think I might like mint on pizza....I will have to try....glad you had a good jog!

  3. mmm!
    pizza must have an amazing smell!
    did it taste also great?
    wish you a good week!

  4. that is an interesting combination. I am also thinking to add a new regular exercise to my life, swimming I was thinking