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Tuesday, July 2, 2013

lotus flower in bloom

this year, i was able to get there when first couple of them 
are in bloom.  look at this extremely large leaf!
so huge, it can swallow me.

he is the one who keeps this place intact.
doing a good job every day.

maple trees stretch their arms and legs
it was like stars falling from the sky
within couple of months, these leaves will put
red and orange make up on
it will be pretty scene to come back in the fall


  1. beautiful photographs, what a busy man he will be, the place looks beautiful. I like how you said the leaves shall put their make up on x x

  2. I hadn't realized that those leaves and flowers are so big.Thank you for this garden visit.

  3. Wow amazing big leaf I've never seen any in real!

  4. a huge leaf!
    you could also use it as a chair!
    beautiful place
    and i thing the old man's love for all the green
    helps their beauty.

    and coco,
    thank you so much! ;)

  5. Big and beautiful!

    I hope You will show us maple leaf again when wearing red and orange.

    It is a rainy day here today. I have made warm vegetable soup and been drinking that delicious green Tea You giftes me, made me smile and think of You.


  6. ❀To all❀
    i enjoy seeing different plant each season and this
    is one of them i look forward to every year. seeing
    these huge leaves with my own eyes was so fantastic
    and fullfilling.
    i am glad that i have a place here to share
    this amazing beauty.

  7. it makes me want to know what he's thinking
    while taking care of this wonderful space
    me, who wanted to be a forest ranger
    when i was little
    thank you for this, dear Coco


    1. i want his job too!
      will be nice to work in the garden
      all day long