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Friday, July 19, 2013

morning air

strange, strange
it feels like autumn is already here
air feels much like september
yet, cicada singing outside is a good reminder
summer hasn't gone not for a while
many ideas pops in while i knit


  1. Here have been autumn feelings too...cold wind...but I trust the sun, summer is still here!

    You asked my language, here in Finland the language is Finnish. I hope you understand my writings with translation :)

  2. That's what I tought too the last few days. The air is so crisp in the mornings.

  3. here too...
    not so much like the past summer temperatures.
    but let's enjoy the summer days anyway :)
    beautiful sky!

  4. As Satu already mentioned the autumn feel is here too, but next week it hopefully gets back to Summer. Last night we had only +8 degrees and I had to carry my basil pots inside. On the bright side with the coolness in the air knitting with wool feels quite natural.