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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

thyme and jello

i made my favorite summer dessert
jello with this syrup and grapefruits juice.
one kind of thyme(one of favorite herbs) 
being dried for sometime now, stored in
a small jar.  different kind of thyme
harvested to dry as well.
overwhelmed with headache and fatigue for
last few days but trying to recover by taking
lots of tea and rest.  this cat represent
how i feel today..
Salvia uliginosa
now, the rainy season seems to be gone, real hot
summer begin to reside for a while.  i am
now looking forward to the soothing
color of this flower.


  1. Hope you are feeling better. Soothing herbs & teas & pretty jello concoctions sound like the perfect way to keep those black cat feelings away.

  2. jello is one of my favorite summer deserts too!
    hope headache and fatique are gone by now.
    the cat is lovely :)