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Friday, July 12, 2013

today ☀ !

beautiful post card from far away friend.
it was the perfect one on this hoooot day.  this stamp
is SO you.  very cute.
i walked to the outlet store and bought a new mug cup
and green olive in a jar.   funny looking shape of the jar ☺
i am already thinking about how i want to use it when it become empty.
in the evening, i have to carry this mosquito repellent
when getting out to the garden....
here is my current garden
first cardiospermum balloon this year


this is one of my "free pot". it mean
they can streach arms and lesg however they want. and
any sprouts come out in this pot is free to go on their lives,
i won't bother them.
it is fun to observe what's in this.

avocaco has very supportive company

more new sprouts in this old old pot
in a shady location.  

who could write such a beautiful letter to
a stranger.  
 it was  fun to receive and read it.
thank you so much jennifer.
mine is on the way and i hope one day
you will open your own blog.  you have
so much you can share with rest of the world.
and thank you vibeke too for organizing fun projects.
i am through with watering for the evening
good weekend to everybody


  1. your friday looks lovely so far coco!
    i like your "free pot" idea!
    the scent of the mosquito repellent
    is very attached with summer here :)
    we call it "little snake" because of it's shape :)
    enjoy your weekend!

  2. I like the idea of "free pot" ;)