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Thursday, July 18, 2013

what to sow next

first harvest of the season!
the process of growing plants from the seed takes
lo~ng time.  sometimes, it even seems like they
are testing our patience.  no matter how big or small they
are, it is such a rewarding feeling to harvest
grown vege from it's stem.   this morning, i cut
two bitter melons.  one thin and the other fat one. 
they are two different kind.  
sowing seeds, watering daily, seeing their first sprouts
and then observing how they mature....all these process
is favorite of mine when standing in the garden.
now, it is in the middle of the season,
but i still feel like "what seeds to sow next!"



  1. Ohh lovely bitter melons harvested from your garden! I think you've got quite a green thumb. :)

  2. Oh amazing!! thanks for this post!! I'm looking foward to the best season to grow this.
    Thank you so much I appreciate you give me to know these things about your culture, and may not have ever known!

  3. i relate to this feeling well, very satisfying

  4. haven't seen bitter melons before...
    look beautiful :)
    is it like zucchini?

    1. no, it doesn't taste like it.
      it has bit of bitter taste and