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Friday, August 23, 2013

moss and bonsai

 he creats every single plant to shine
so perfectly in tiny tiny pot.  some of his work
make it look like there is a real forest sitting on your
table like the photo below. 

aren't these so lovely!?
i found the the most beautiful book today
and like to share with you. 

old japanese house

this is my favorite in his book


by kenji kobayashi
this book is written in japanese.  if you love bonsai,
you are going to loooove his artistic world. 
this one is also good and it is in english. 


  1. Thank you!Really lovely pictures


  2. i have always been fascinated by the beauty of bonsai...thanks for sharing.

  3. Very beautiful. Thank you for the link. I browsed this english version and enjoyed so much. I onse had a little bonsai but was not succesful with it. I think I coul dot keep the humidity in balanse, but I would like to ty again.