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Sunday, August 25, 2013

end of summer giveaway: sashiko with jute string

i've been working on new sashiko pattern.  other than round
shape which i often use and it's been so fun but now time to try something
different.  i am now in search of someone who is willing to adopt
this little pouch.  you can leave your name or comment by 8/29,
this thursday.  i would lov to hear what your favorite type of bag
is and what you might use this for?  i often use drawstring to keep 
handmade supply, cosmetics, and my lunch also.
size:  28x29cm, with jute string


  1. It looks beautiful! I would so happily like to take part to this.
    My favourite type of bag is clean lined and quite simple. During the winter season it is made of leather and during the summertime it is made of fabric. I like tote bags very much.
    This beautiful pouch would be perfect to carry my lunch to work. I don't have anything pretty for that use right now.

  2. Dear coco,
    this little bag is so beautiful, i would love to fill it with onions so I see it every day in my kitchen.
    During the week I use a leather bag from Bree ( a local branch) for going to work. For shopping I use easy fabric bags - I love the Ratz-Fatz-Tasche by farbenmix (they have a free e-book-pattern).

    Lovely cookies you have!

  3. Hi Coco, so lovely to meet you and have a look at your beautiful site. I love your avocado forest that I saw several posts ago. I'm growing a little avocado as well but it's in Vancouver at the moment and I'm not sure how it's doing. :( But I hope everything is alright with it. I also grow a lot of herbs and love to make my own mint or chamomile tea. There is a special herb tea made by Aveda, the hair product company, called comforting tea, and it has a mix of licorice, basil, peppermint and fennel. Strange mix but it tastes so delicious. :)

  4. i LOVE your round sashiko pattern
    but this sweet bag is a beauty too!
    i would be honoured to win this
    lately i have started to crochet
    and i would use it for that

    have a fine sunday!
    Patrice A.

  5. I hope one of the above lovely ladies wins your little bag,
    the one I have currently carries my glove knitting project.

    So glad to catch up with your posts, coco.
    I've been away too much this summer and have missed you.

    much love
    xo, j

  6. I would love to be in with a chance of winning, I would use this bag to carry my threads and whatever I'm working on around with me, it's very beautiful x

  7. The drawstring bag is adorable Coco!! Beautiful pattern. I have to look up sashiko pattern, I am not familiar with it. I already have one beautiful bag from you, so I just wish everone else the best of luck ;)

    ~ Aina ~

  8. i would LOVE to enter in this LOVELY
    end of summer give away my dear coco!
    i admire and love your sashiko work : )

    i would have this bag hanging on my chair in the livingroom
    just to decorate and also put a small knitting project in it when i want it with me,
    like fex. when i am visiting a cafe and would like to knit...


  9. what a lovely little bag :)
    I love the colour and the pattern, simple but beautiful.
    If I had one it'd be perfect to keep my lunch there.

    - bee

  10. what a beautiful bag, dear coco
    and how generous you are with it!
    i remember my first one, a cotton blue one
    with my name embroidered on it in yellow
    it was my nursery school bag
    so i got a linen one for anna with her name stamped on it
    yours we would both use when visiting friends or going to the park
    to carry all we need in it.