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Friday, August 30, 2013

exchange indoor & outdoor

one of my friends and i exchanged a plant
i gave her physostegia virginiana which is going to
bloom soon and hopefully she will enjoy it's pink
beauty.  inexchage, she gave me a stem of
ficus umbellata which has been soaked in
water for a while.  she is much into growing indoor plants
and i am crazy about outdoor ones but this exchange
gave me a chance to look into more indoor plants. 

a cup of hot coffee and crunchy snack
for afternoon tea time
for my drawstring giveaway, i did enjoy
reading everyone of messages.  thank you.
this one is going to eau-de-nil
congratulations xenia.


  1. my dear coco,
    i love the window in your cup
    - and thank you so much,
    anna and i will cherish your beautiful bag!

  2. Coco, the pouch arrived, it is so beautiful, I'm so grateful!
    I think I prefer indoor plants... but is just because indoors has less bugs than outdoors.
    Have a lovely week : )

  3. congratulations to xenia!
    pitty i missed this giveaway :(

    beautiful fotos coco!
    in all of your last posts!

    have a good new month!

  4. I love the lace drapes on your window, its beautiful and has a vintage vibe that is my favorite.